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Small Sequencer for the Lemondrop?

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  • Small Sequencer for the Lemondrop?

    What small creative sequencer would you recommend for use with the Lemondrop?

    Maybe the Razzmatazz would work, though most of what I see about the Razzmatazz is all about sequencing its internal sounds. Does the Razzmatazz act like a DAW?

    One big ask would be for a pitch and mod wheel on a sequencer, this is rare but really useful for bending notes in a sequence etc, traditional sprung 'wheels' are much more felt in performance terms than XY touch pads.

    In fact the only sequencer I've owned with pitch/mod wheels was the Yamaha QY700, but it was large and too limited in it's memory (it's old tech now). Overall the QY700 was incredible but I haven't come across anything up-to-date and a bit smaller - have you??

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    Hiya! I mainly use the Blackbox and for arpeggios I've also used Roland's J-6.... they work really well together.

    I've not used the Razzmatazz as a sequencer for other gear... unsure if that would work, maybe something could be put in requests. ❤️


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      OPZ is totally rad for this imo


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        +1 for the OP-Z. I'm using a Keystep between them to get midi to 5 pin.