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my wishlist after some days testing/playing

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  • my wishlist after some days testing/playing

    First off thank you for this great little device that can easily suck me in for an hour or two at a time!

    After some time with it here are my feature wishes
    1) easier preset browsing. Once on the preset browser page it would be AWESOME if hitting the right arrow would cause the next patch to be highlighted and automatically load it (and hitting the left arrow would highlight previous patch and automatically load it). That way we could investigate presets with just a single push. Current workflow for browsing needs three actions.... tapping "load", then tapping the preset name (and hope you don't actually tap the waveform... more tapping to get back on track), then twisting a knob (hope you don't turn it too far!)... and then back to load. Would be great the other way.... rt arrow BOOM... rt arrow BOOM... rt arrow BOOM.

    2) a tone control to the distortion

    3) give modulation sources to distortion. On of my favorite things is to be able to use mod wheel to move a low/hi-pass filter and simultaneously ramp up distortion. Would love to be able to do this!

    4) and while I know it is a *granular* synth.... how awesome would it be if there was a "mono-grain" mode where a single, infinite-life grain is triggered? Ie. classic sampler mode! :P

    5) panning of oscillators

    6) filter modes "serial / parallel / osc1&2" where the latter is filter 1 for osc1 and filter2 for osc2. I also like the other suggestion folks have made along these lines.

    7) XY Pad "hold" mode (on/off status saveable with preset)

    8) adjustable XY Pad slew/lag so it doesn't instantly jump to fallback position. Also nice if it could be saved with presets
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