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Blackbox out to Razzmatazz Line In = NOISE

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  • Blackbox out to Razzmatazz Line In = NOISE

    So Razzmatazz has a Line In which can be used to feed an external input signal to its output—can even add delay and reverb. Awesome!

    Now, take the output of the Blackbox and feed it into the Razzmatazz input and turn up the Input level...


    This nasty buzzing is horrible. What can't one chain the output of one 1010music device into another 1010music device? Is this another intentional crippling of the hardware that's supposed to make me go out and buy Bluebox just to play Blackbox and Razzmatazz together?

    The buzzing is horrible on USB power supplies, but is still present even when both units are plugged into a USB power bank (and therefore not connected to any ground or mains hum...just "floating").

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    In general, each USB device needs a separate, dedicated power supply to sound good. A USB power bank won't work. I am confident you will find the buzzing goes away when you get the power configuration in order. As a test, you can try using a USB battery for one of the devices.


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      Ground loop noise. Get an isolator or use different power supplies for each.