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  • 8 Macro view

    A page showing the 8 pads with a knob for each one. Each knob would control a user-defined parameter for the corresponding pad.

    This view would enable the user to choose the parameter he/she deems is the most important for each pad, and provide him/her with easy access to those parameters for the 8 pads at the same time, in a live situation.

    (Being able to define several parameters per knob would even be better, but one would already be cool)

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    Coming back to this, after several weeks extensively using the Razz, I think a 'regular' macro page would be really welcome.

    By regular, I mean a page showing 8 knobs that can be assigned to any controllable parameter, and not necessarily restricted to the corresponding pads.

    Importantly, it would be really helpful if each knob could control several assigned parameters.

    This would make the Razz a performance beast, IMHO.


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      YES! This would be awesome


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        I think you could just make a Macro page with 8 macro knobs, and then you'd get "Macro 1" through "Macro 8" as new modulation sources. Now one knob could control multiple parameters across multiple pads, giving almost limitless freedom to define the behaviors of those knobs for a performance.


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          Indeed, that would really bring the Razz to a new dimension!

          I've been playing lately with the ModWheel as a modulation source assigned to many many parameters across a kit. And just this one and only modulation source already gives you a lot of control over your kit, enabling you to basically morph between two radically different states.

          Being able to do the same with 8 knobs as modulations sources - as you describe it - would be really nuts!