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Possibility to sequence sequences

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    Possibility to sequence sequences

    Just got the device this monday and like it very much.

    Though I´d really like to see the possibility to play/chain sequences the same way as in for example PO-32 tonic.
    For example, chain sequences 1,2,3 loop, then chain for example sequences 1,1,2,2,1,2,33,33.

    Setting velocity per step is good, but I´d also like it to have more parameters like pitch etc. (haven´t tried to find a way to go around this yet)
    and the possibility to record motion sequence.
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    Now that I´ve been playing with the razz for couple of weeks daily, I have to say I really like the possibilities to play around with different sounds and the way of creating them. Plus the effects are really nice.

    BUT the sequencer is too damn simple. One can´t even put the sequences to run from 1 to X, just looping a single sequence and changing them manually makes it hard to play around with for example pitch control of even a single sample and keep the beat evolving etc. if you don´t have 64 step sequences and low bpm.

    Considering the price of the device the sequencer part of it I couldn´t really recommend this device to someone who wants a standalone device for making beats.
    Compared to for example another small device, cheapo PO-32 tonic (130€ approximately) the stuff you can do with Razz´s sequencer, is plain ridiculous.
    (I´m comparing just the sequencer possibilities of these devices.)

    Razz has so much potential, but at it´s current state it just isn´t enough for making any complex beats. I think I´ll just play around it´s sound engine and record samples from it to my Blackbox
    which I REALLY can recommend for everyone.
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      I don't want to sound too negative, so i have to add that the sound quality is super and theres a lot of things I really like about the device.
      But playing live with this would be nearly impossible uf you dont use an external midicontroller or do super simple stuff.


        Thanks for the feedback


          Yeah, I was all ready to buy this thing and then I read the sequencer section of the manual and realized it's basically useless as a standalone device, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

          If there was at least pattern chaining it would be acceptable, but for me to buy it, I'd want to see step fx/motion sequencing type stuff implemented. Like, if Korg can put those features in a Volca's sequencer I don't see why something that costs 3x as much doesn't have them.

          I really do want to buy a razz, but the sequencer is just too sad.


            Fair. But I wouldn't write off the sequencer until you have had a chance to play with it. It functions like no other sequencer you or I have ever used. It is truly a unique approach. and, like all other products, we are never quite finished with a product until we officially discontinue it. Thanks for the feedback.


              I think the sequencer is far from useless. Pattern chaining would be nice, but it should be noted that the maximum length of each pattern is 64 steps, as opposed to the 16 of various other drum machines. Motion sequencing (outside of the velocity parameter) is something I miss more, but its absence isn't *that* big of a deal with the LFOs and CC.



                What I miss more - and might be easier to implement? - is direct jump between patterns, i.e. without having to wait for the end of the pattern, and with playback taking up from where it was in the previous pattern.

                I also find the sequencer is limited, but it does come handy, especially given the extreme portability of the Razz. Never before have I carried an instrument around so much!


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                  Yeah, for example by doubletapping the sequence you want to be played.