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  • "Kit" reset

    I know there is no such concept as a kit in the Razz, as presets include both sequences and pads, but it would be good to be able to reset the pads to their saved status, without necessarily resetting the sequences. Ideally something with easy access (button combo or whatever) ^^

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    Steve replied in another thread that the Load button in the Preset menu could be used for that, but this loads the whole preset, including its sequences.
    The purpose of the feature requested here is to be able to just reload the pad settings, that is - the sound parameters - but *not* the sequence.
    Ideally, this should be done quickly (i.e. not too much menu diving), so that you can tweak the sound wildly for a short while and instantly get back on your feet, while staying on the same sequence.
    (Much like the much useful reload function on an Elektron MachineDrum)
    I think this would greatly improve the live performance abilities of this crazy Nanobox.


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      Thanks for the clarification.