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Mapping Synth Box to Rolland FC-300

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  • Mapping Synth Box to Rolland FC-300

    Hi all
    I have a SYNTH BOX and a Rolland FC-300 foot controller []
    I want to know if it is possible to map my foot pedals to make selections on the Synth Box - most importantly - change presets either up or down?

    And if you happen to know more : also linking the volume pedal and expression pedal to certain filters would be amazing!

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    It's not possible at this time but that is a great feature request!


    • travisitto
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      Thanks Steve
      Can you explain why?
      The owner of Industrial Radio - the company that made the midi bass guitar I used to trigger the Synth Box wrote:

      Hi Travis,
      I had a quick look at the synth, you will be able to change patches by plugging the FC300 into the bass, there are 40 performance settings you can program in the bass. You can use the midi volume on the front of the bass to map to any parameter in the synth that will accept midi CC. You can also map the footpedals to a midi CC also. The Global page on the bass Editor has this data. You map the program changes on the Main tab of the editor, look for "Patch Number".
      On the synth I could see no reference to a Legato/mono mode, nor could I find anything on Pitch bend/Wheel, this real important to have?
      Steve C.

    • travisitto
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      In this creative time of self isolation, any information you can share is GREATLY appreciated!