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SynthBox knobs wired to filter sweep

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  • SynthBox knobs wired to filter sweep

    I saw in the toolbox demo video the SynthBox had the knobs wired to the cutoff of the filter. How do you wire that up? It that possible with the currently released firmware or wast that some pre-release magic?

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    Hi John,

    My hands were always getting in the way of the screen, so I asked Aaron if he could map the top 2 control knobs to the filters.

    He released it publically a while back and it can be found here


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      I agree that was a huge request I had too, still want more map-able control. All these nice encoders Just got my knobs de-jittered too.
      Love the video Dan, seriously!
      I just gave Aaron crap last week, I saw you use the right knob, and I was like "the Left one works on mine! Are you tricking me?" Thanks for the info I knew the left was mapped, but didn't know the 2nd filter was the right. I requested it becomes a mod source: knb1, knb2.


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    oh nice! thanks.