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Do you use the Flanger/Distortion?

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  • Do you use the Flanger/Distortion?

    I quite like the DLY and use it a lot in my presets, but I never touch the FLDS.

    Flanger isn't an effect that I have a use for, and the distortion isn't very pleasing to my ears.

    I was just wondering if any other synthbox users are in the same boat?

    I for one would really prefer the CPU to be used on a nice reverb instead!

    That's something I would use all the time, and I think it could really do with one...

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    I would also prefer a reverb. Reverb happens to be the single most expensive effect when it comes to CPU. It won't fit in synthbox as currently designed--but flanger and distortion will.


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      Thanks for the explanation, Aaron. I had a feeling that might be the case. How about splitting the filters into two separate paths and adding some additional filter types instead? That would definitely provide a lot more depth.