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CV Pitch to Synthbox overloads input when sent from Arturia BeatStep Pro!

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  • CV Pitch to Synthbox overloads input when sent from Arturia BeatStep Pro!

    Seems cv gates work fine from Arturia BeatStep Pro, but I'm having a bit of ranging issues it seems when coming from the CV Pitch output of the sequencer going into Synthbox. Does anyone know an workaround to this ? I don't really want to solder resistor dividers and splice wires. Does CV offset fix it in the Arturia Control Center ? I have not tried it yet, because there are a number of options available for trial and error. There are also settings for Volt/Octave or Hz/Volt on Sequencer Pitch and Transposing on Center Pitch which does seem to adjust the CV voltage up or down. I wonder if the higher voltage output messes up the voltage threshold on Synthbox because it looks maxed out on the indicators. Any ideas ???

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    OK, I guess now I can answer my own question...I had to transpose down one octave in Arturia Control Center and that did the trick! If anyone else has similar issues, here is how you fix this...

    Click image for larger version

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      Yes, it's a combination of transposing down the BSP and transposing up synthbox's 1V/O range (in the settings page) to have a good overlapping note range.

      More detail here:


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        Glad to hear you figured it out. Arturia has one of the highest default voltages for middle C. Transposing will do the trick.


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          Yes, i got that part to work right...Thanks!