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    Are there any particular specs involved using custom waveforms with synthbox, other than being a .wav file? Do they need to be a specific length, etc? Was trying to use:

    Not having much luck integrating the exported files into sythbox....

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    We used Serum for the development of the synthbox wavetables. If you use the export feature from that plugin for Mac and Windows, synthbox can read it.

    For you nerds out there, the format is as follows:
    1) The WAV file may contain between 2 and 256 cycles to make up a wavetable. Synthbox will interpolate between the key frames in the file to produce a resulting table with 256 cycles.
    2) Each cycle must be 2048 samples in length. This makes for a very low sounding tone at 48kHz
    3) The sample rate of the file is not important. You can work with 96kHz files and have a higher tone to work with
    4) Synthbox supports 16, 24, and 32 bit files. Internal processing is done in 32-bit floating point

    I had the chance to use WaveEdit very briefly and it appears to use 256 cycle samples, which is incompatible with synthbox. I guess you could use their material and resample it 4x higher and it might work.




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      I have a possible solution, although the 'contain between 2 and 256 cycles' thing might be an issue. If there is anybody that wants to try this (web-based) solution out, please drop me a line at [email protected]; I'll email back with some info.

      Basically, I've taken the old WAV256 system that was used for the Wiard Waveform City and translated it to web technologies. It works phenomenally well, but I need to have some testers before I release this on the world!


      edit: It took me about 2 minutes to add a "save as double waveform" option to the file saving function, and it does support 2048 waveform length, so this should work fine. Alas, I don't currently have a bitbox, but I'm hoping soon...
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        So I had a play with Serum and created my own waves. You can hear the voices / choir type sounds on this little vid. I took some of my vocalists backing vocals, processed them a little through Mutable Instruments Clouds and then sampled them, added them to Serum and hey presto.

        I love this module,


        • Dan
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          That sounds great!

        • JohnJumper
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          Wow!! that sounds great!

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        Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it. I added it to one of our 1010music playlists on YouTube.


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          I just downloaded Reaper and Serum demos. I am going to give it a go. If I can figure this out I am probably going to end up buying Serum and Reaper to host it. I love this SynthBox firmware and with a way to create custom wave tables... will I need anything else... except a BitBox and Toolbox... but I mean any other synth? Not likely...


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            ok... looks like I have to purchase Serum to export the wave tables. Now I see what you modeled the SynthBox on. I think I am going to have to buy this so I can create custom wave tables in my SynthBox. What format do I export as? Is it "Export All As 32-bit (.wav)..."?
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              I cannot get a Serum exported wave table to load. I am exporting a wave table from Serum that has 3 cycles (Mr Wiggles oscillator A). I checked in Audacity and verified there are 6144 samples in the file and the wave form matches the three I see in Serum. I cannot seem to get the file to load on SynthBox. I tried 16 and 32 bit samples and the file sample rate generated by the export is 44.1K. When I select the files they never generate a view of the wave form and they make no sound. Additionally, they do not show up in the Wave Table properties... I have to go and load them using the Load. But it does not load.

              Any suggestions?


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                I got it working. I am not sure what was causing the problem. I ended up creating a Serum folder and moving it there. I had originally thrown it in the Factory folder. Additionally, I shortened the name which was originally 15 char+".wav" ... but I noticed there were other files with that long of a name in Factory.


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                  Glad to hear everything is working. I haven't seen those issues before.


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                    Hmm Interesting,
                    I didn't realize that this post was here. My post with File Management, I think I might have similar as what John was seeing, where my waves aren't loading. Looking at my length, i believe my cycles are too short...

                    I guess the question / confusion was the response in regard to loading.
                    Is there anyway to detect and inform if the wave is not correct?

                    Also I was curious as to why the minimum cycle/size?
                    Would it not be possible to already double the length if not long enough? I know easier said than done.
                    Unfortunately I have a mass batch to modify, but that just made me wonder if there could be a more straight-forward response, or possibly a solution so there was not confusion/incompatibility.



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                      Thanks for highlighting the issues with wavetable import. We weren't sure how many people would try and import their own when we built synthbox, so there isn't much in the way of validation and processing.

                      For now, you may find that some Mac or PC software can do the batch processing for you. AudioFile engineering makes one for the Mac, called WaveEdit, if I recall. I also remember that SoundForge for Windows could do it. We will keep your requests in mind for the next update.


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                        Hey there,
                        looks like I have some troubles loading my own wavetables too, I guess the issue is the length: I can't find a way to make them more than 12seconds whatever the length of the original sample is.
                        As I can see all the preset waves are 22seconds.
                        I'm using serum and I've spent my day trying all the exporting option
                        I've tried John's technique with a different folder and shorter names for the waves too
                        Should I use another software after exporting the wave from serum? I'm sure I'm missing something stupid...
                        Thanks in advance for your help


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                          The length of the files is probably not the issue. What you are seeing in the Factory folder is a bunch of waves prerendered to the internal format to save loading time. Don't try to match that.

                          I just tried "Export All at 32-bit" in Serum and it created a 300KB file, which worked for me. I put the file in the root folder of the microSD card.

                          What results are you getting?


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                            Hey Aaron,
                            Thanks for the reply, I've tried again, in the root folder too but without any success, I've tried with some serum presets too just in case and still don't have any new waveforms in my module.
                            By the way: I'm using a BitBox and I've rebooted/reset it again after adding new fils.