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Custom Waveform Problem?

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  • Aaron

    I loaded your 32-bit file into SoundForge and it looks good. You might want to try a file with 256 cycles as a test. You might also want to try dragging one of the factory WAV files into the root to see if that works for you. Please also check what version of the firmware you have loaded. I don't have a Synthbox set up at the moment and wasn't able to try this myself.

    Please let us know.

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  • darwingrosse
    started a topic Custom Waveform Problem?

    Custom Waveform Problem?

    I created a couple of 2048 sample waveforms, then used Adobe Audition to stitch them together into a single, two-cycle waveform that should be loadable as a custom waveform. It starts loading, but then - after a time - the Synthbox reboots. Any ideas? Attached are two versions of the file: one at 32-bit, and one at 16-bit. Both exhibit the same issue.

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