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Trigger noise/artifact on output 2 in stereo mode

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  • Trigger noise/artifact on output 2 in stereo mode

    I have bitbox mk2 running Synthbox firmware.

    When using synthbox in 4xVoice mode and stereo output I am getting a delayed trigger noise on output 2.
    Curiously it is completely absent on output 1.

    I have identified it as belonging to the delay. When changing the delay time setting (upper left parameter) and change the timing, the artifact/trigger noise follows.
    When making the delay very fast (1/64) it is unmistakable.

    It is audible enough that I find it disturbing when using synthbox and the only workaround I can find is to use mono (output 1 only).

    Is it my unit what is faulty or can you reproduce it?
    Is this a hardware or software issue?
    Is there a fix for it?

    Regards, Rolf

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    Same problem here, sometimes I hear clicks from my synthbox (both output). I don't think it's an hardware problem, because when I switch firmware to bitbox the clicks disappear.
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      Ok I can confirm is something related to the delay.


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        Further on this matter: Since I have not heard any thing official on this issue, I have submitted the message below to support:

        Dear support

        I posted the following post in September 2020, but there has so far been no response from 1010music to it:

        It is a very audible issue that essentially renders the stereo output of synthbox unusable.
        Curiously it is not present in the left channel, so this is how I currently use it: either single channel, or summed multichannel stereo output where I just use the left channel output (mono).

        Is there any chance that you can have a look at this issue?

        Also: Is it possible that my unit is faulty?
        In that case I should get hold of Thomann while I am still under warranty. But as another user (DoverBeach) is reporting the exact same issue, it seems likely that it is firmware related.

        Looking forward to your response.

        Kind regards, Rolf Jackson


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          Hey Rolf.
          I'm sitting here the same problem. Even if the delay is off/ on gate , its claps depending on the delay length. And jep only on channel 2 / fx2...
          does the support replied on you request?

          All the bests,


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            You haven't got a hope ,all they care about is the latest and greatest