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Trigger noise/artifact on output 2 in stereo mode

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  • Trigger noise/artifact on output 2 in stereo mode

    I have bitbox mk2 running Synthbox firmware.

    When using synthbox in 4xVoice mode and stereo output I am getting a delayed trigger noise on output 2.
    Curiously it is completely absent on output 1.

    I have identified it as belonging to the delay. When changing the delay time setting (upper left parameter) and change the timing, the artifact/trigger noise follows.
    When making the delay very fast (1/64) it is unmistakable.

    It is audible enough that I find it disturbing when using synthbox and the only workaround I can find is to use mono (output 1 only).

    Is it my unit what is faulty or can you reproduce it?
    Is this a hardware or software issue?
    Is there a fix for it?

    Regards, Rolf

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    Same problem here, sometimes I hear clicks from my synthbox (both output). I don't think it's an hardware problem, because when I switch firmware to bitbox the clicks disappear.
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      Ok I can confirm is something related to the delay.