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Browsing Custom Wavetables in 1.2.1

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  • Browsing Custom Wavetables in 1.2.1

    Hello everyone,

    I spent time uploading the factory Serum wave tables into the SD card, and am curious to see if anyone has a similar problem, which I'm about to outline.

    When I browse for the folder where the Serum wave tables are, I am able to select the wave table and it will load. However, the problem is, when I try to access the next preset by using one of the rotary knobs, it automatically redirects to the Synthbox factory wave tables.

    The only work around I've had, is going to the load option, and then browsing each wave table from that page, and then manually selecting 'load,' which will then select the next wave table. I find this kind of cumbersome because in order to go to the next wave table, it automatically redirects me to the factory wave tables, and then I have to search for the Serum folder and then select the wave table.

    Has anyone else had this problem? It's kind of cumbersome having to constantly go back to the desired folder every time I want to look for a new wavetable, rather than being 'locked' in the selected folder and then using the rotary knob to cycle through the folder. I haven't had this issue with Bitbox when I select a folder, but noticed this in Synthbox and am curious if there's any solution, or if it's just the way the firmware operates. Thanks


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    The +/- buttons are to navigate PRESETS. So they will never be used to audition wavetables. That said, I agree that it would be great if the firmware remembered your last browsing path. I will submit this to our bug database.

    thanks for reporting.