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Midi linking like in Dan's video using 3.5 mm stereo cable, how do I do that?

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  • Midi linking like in Dan's video using 3.5 mm stereo cable, how do I do that?

    Hello, noob question for today is:

    How do I loop my Synthbox,Bitbox and FXBox together using FX1 to midi in ?

    I have each unit respoding to midi individually but when I try the link no midi goes thru...
    What am I missing?

    What I wanna do:

    Beatstep pro Midi out -> Synthbox, Midi in -> FX1 out -> Bitbox Midi in -> FX1 out -> FXBox midi in...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Found that I need to buy an MX4 since none of these modules out/thru midi.
    Oh well, at this point...

    I guess Mutable Ears will have to leave the rack...
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      Hi orbiter, in all of my videos I'm using toolbox's midi outputs to link the other modules.


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        Thanks Dan,

        with no swing (and no note length of notes control), sadly the toolbox went back to the music store after one day,

        got me a series 1 instead and going the "beatstep pro/ Ableton Live" way until the module's firmware matures, then I might try it again

        Love your videos, they made me buy the 3 1010music modules I now have,



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          Thanks for the kinds words, I'm happy to have been an inspiration. Control of note length has recently been added, as well as a bunch of other cool features!


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            Add swing and I’m in! Haha

            Keep up the music, the world needs it!


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              Swing will be awesome for sure, I'm really hanging out to get funky with these devices as well!