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Synthbox keeps freezing & then Cuts off & restarts....Please help

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  • Synthbox keeps freezing & then Cuts off & restarts....Please help

    i have the Bitbox with the Synthbox latest firmware.. i'm using CV for i haven't gotten my Midi cables in the mail yet, however i do notice while i'm in menu adjusting parameters, Adding Delay and modulating the Osc with LFO,,i notice the unit freezes, then cuts off and restarts..i have a pretty normal common synth Rack. Nothing ununsual...I have the Tiptop uZeus 12v power supply...i'm about to return this unit back to sweetwater...can anyone let me know if your having the same problem? i have latest firmware...can this synthbox handle the effects? like delay and LFO modulation? i only have 1 wav sound loaded and of course the Osc...that's it...please advise..

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    What you are seeing is not normal. Please make sure that you have enough power for the unit (bitbox requires 350mA on the +12V supply). If that checks out please ask Sweetwater for a replacement.

    Sorry for the hassle.


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      This is what i'm currently using...

      The micro ZEUS is a 4HP power supply module for Eurorack format synthesizers. It is the smallest and most powerful power supply available for it’s size and price. All you have to do is plug in your module and play.

      The μZEUS mixes linear and switching power technology that can produce up to 2000mA at +12V, 500mA at -12V, 170mA at +5V. For power it can use the lower cost Tiptop 1000ma

      This is exactly what i have..the unit with the 1.0.5 has froze and cut off like 5 to 7 times since i had in the past few days...i went back to the 1.0.2....haven't did anything yet but i will test today...can the latest firmware have anything to do with it? i assume my power consumption is fine...


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        Let me try and explain what is happening a little better: When the unit freezes and restarts, it is essentially crashing and then restarting about 10 seconds later to continue working. Yes, it is possible that a software problem could cause this. If you can come up with some kind of pattern, or ideally a way to make it happen on command, we would love to see it.

        Do you have restarts when the unit is operating untouched?

        Are you also running this unit with the bitbox firmware? If there is a hardware problem, I would expect the bitbox firmware to have the same problem.

        Thanks for the help.


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          if you use the lower cost power adapter delivering 1000mA, the uzeus is not able to provide 2000mA on the 12V rail!!
          you should check total power consumption of all of your modules powered by the uzeus and see how close you are to 1000mA, and yes sum all positive and negative currents up, because finally they are all coming from your power adapter!
          check temperature on the adapter (not the uzeus frontplate, this gets got anyway), if it gets very hot, this could be a sign that you are trying to draw too much current from it.