I have a new Bitbox Mk 2, still learning the ins and outs of Bitbox itself. Out of curiosity, I wanted to try out FX Box and Synthbox. FX Box works great. But I can't get Synthbox to run. I'm using an SD card formatted exFat (just like my Bitbox and FX Box cards), with the 1.1.1 factory image. When I start up, I get the usual first two screens - bitbox Mk2 Installer and Searching for file. But the next message is "Unable to find firmware". I tried a second card, same result. Both the Bitbox and FX Box FW have the FW file BITBOXMK2.BIN. But the Synthbox only has MATRIX.BIN. Shouldn't it have a BITBOXMK2.BIN binary also?

Thank you, Todd