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Where are the presets and/or Factory Folder?

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  • Where are the presets and/or Factory Folder?

    I have a BitBox, love it....very comfortable using it. I tried for the first time to cross-grade to Synthbox firmware....but I'm totally missing something. I've read the manual instructions for loading alternate firmwares carefully. But my downloads from this forum of the Synthbox firmware (Mac or Win) ONLY includes the Matrix.bin file. I don't get a factory folder or "300mb of waveforms". I can get the firmware to install just fine....but I cannot load presets or see/hear/load waveforms. I've tried all three versions of the Synthbox firmware. Where is the factory content?

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    Please check version 1.0 again. That should be a 300MB download with all of the presets and wavetables.


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      Thank you! Well, for what its's not clear at all from the manual and instructions that you need to start from version 1.0. Nonetheless....thank you very much for the heads up. I got it!


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        Thanks for the feedback. I will talk to Aaron about making a full download available as well.