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  • A strange occurance happened...

    I reached out to Pittsburgh Modular as I use their racks and power supplies, but I figured I would post this here as well, to see if anyone might have some thoughts regarding this new and exciting issue that I just had happen to me!

    I have a 1010 Bitbox Mk2, a Make Noise Morphagene and Mimeophon and am plugging this all into the equivalent of the EP96. The Make Noise Modules work and power just fine, but the Bitbox is causing all sorts of havoc that I’ve never seen before.

    If I plug in the Bitbox to any of the serial ports, nothing happens. The module does not power on at all. I have tried this will all 12 connection plugs, and nothing.

    If I plug in the Bitbox and then the either / and the Morphagene or Mimeophon after, the Bitbox will power on, but then the whole thing will shut off after about 43 seconds (Bitbox has the clock running so I noticed it was consistently at 43~ seconds). It almost behaves as if the circuit protection is being engaged because I didn’t put the red stripe down! Assuredly, this is not the case as all my red stripes are down in the -12 pin.

    I’ve not experienced this type of behavior with either my EP360, or my EP208 as I have had my Bitbox racked in both at one point or another. Further, I’ve not experienced this behavior in my 4MS Pod either. This leads me to think that there is something going on with the Bitbox, the Bitbox serial connector (which I actually took apart and reseated, just in case), or the power board (or a combination of all three).

    That all being said, anyone have any ideas?