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  • update coming?

    don't want to stress the programming team, but was wondering if there is some important update in the running for the synthbox please?

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    We are on the hook to release synthbox with flipped UI mode in the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for your support.



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      Looking forward to it. Now that I have my BitBox flipped I have not been using SynthBox firmware because I need to flip it back manually. I'm getting itchy to play with the SynthBox firmware again.


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        Flipped UI was not something I was looking for, bitbox and synthbox join a nice seat here in a standard eurorack case with cables pointing downwards

        Please do not neglect synthbox firmware, it has so much potential!!!

        Especially with all CV input jacks available, one should consider using them in all kinds of ways, this was the reason for purchasing these modules in the first place!

        It was designed for Eurorack!

        Midi is an asset, but one should concentrate more on putting into play the CV and Gate potential!

        (but of course this is only my humble little opinion


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          There's no doubt that there will be updates coming in the future. Aaron is listening to our feedback and doing the best he can. Flipped UI mode was something that was unveiled at NAMM, so it's not a major update, but it's nice to have the option to use it, since it's ready.

          I agree that there is massive potential in the platform, and so it can be frustrating that all of the features we would really like to see aren't there yet, but we just have to be patient...


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            Since we demonstrated flipped UI at NAMM for toolbox and synthbox, we wanted to get that in your hands as promised.

            Yes, we have a huge todo list that grows faster than we can finish items on it. Thanks for all the requests. Please be patient as we work through them. Please also be patient as we work on new things you haven't asked for--yet.


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              ok, thanks for responding, this gives me confidence