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    Waiting since 07-2018 for some update...nothing seen yet


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      Originally posted by pascalm View Post
      Flipped UI was not something I was looking for, bitbox and synthbox join a ac market nice seat here in a standard eurorack case with cables pointing downwards

      Please do not neglect synthbox firmware, it has so much potential!!!

      Especially with all CV input jacks available, one should consider using them in all kinds of ways, this was the reason for purchasing these modules in the first place!

      It was designed for Eurorack!

      Midi is an asset, but one should concentrate more on putting into play the CV and Gate potential!

      (but of course this is only my humble little opinion
      waiting for new updates...


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        What is the status of SynthBox development? Will there be a BitBox micro (form factor) version? Will the original SynthBox 01 be upgraded? The original SynthBox has huge potential for implementing a live performance oriented module with many of the features we see in standalone synths but with all the capabilities of integrated Eurorack modulation pathways. Anything you all can tell us about plans for future synthesis modules would be very helpful ... and just want to underscore that a future modulw with wavetable scanning (similar to 4MS SWN), polyphony or an optional multitimbrel mode with MIDI patch recall and wicked programmable filters would potentially be a huge hit with Eurorack oriented performers and composers.


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          Thanks for the continued interest in Synthbox. I absolutely love mine!

          As of now, we have no plans on creating Synthbox or Fxbox firmware for the micro. However, we have committed to porting both the Synthbox and Fxbox firmware to the new, Mk2 platform. Our timeline for this project is "this summer." Stay tuned...