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SynthBox Jam - Feathers - Request for CV Delay Time

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  • SynthBox Jam - Feathers - Request for CV Delay Time

    I put a patch together last night using SynthBox. My favorite part of this is the last 2.5 min. If you listen I am messing with the delay on the synth voice generating some cool effects. In this case I have the delay setting page up and am manually varying the setting for delay. It would be nice if we could map an external CV to the delay so I might be able to sequence it or mod it with an LFO. In this case I have the sync on so I am toggling between values like 1/8T, 1/8, 1/16 and so on.

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    I agree, honestly almost every parameter should have an available source Modulation. Distortion, LFO, etc... there is quite a few others which would benefit.
    As many times mentioned an output gain stage, the compression on the distortion problems, and man synthbox to me seems to need a reverb, even if a minor implementation.

    Merge that Synth-Fx Box and build that beast up haha
    Deathbox 3.0



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      Thanks for the jam and the trippy video. We agree that being able to modulate the delay length would be cool.



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        Yay! That means we will probably see it in a future firmware. I think in the long run I am going to end up with a SynthBox and a BitBox... After trying this firmware I spend more time with the SynthBox loaded than BitBox... but I want the BitBox too...

        Yeah... funny on the trippy video. I got tired of just filming my Eurorack... Also, it is so easy to just hook up my Zoom H1 and hit record so I started looking for other ways to fill video visuals.


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          I agree John, having Synth and Bitbox is very intriguing to me as well. Curious if a Synthbox would be capable on Series 2 hardware as well. Are the DAC capable of audio-rate output?