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File Management Improvements - Wavetable Management

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  • File Management Improvements - Wavetable Management

    Having some issues I believe in regards to wavetable loading.
    The locations for wavetables does not seem to allow you to load wavetables in alternate folders besides Factory (I believe as we communicated that these are hardcoded locations?)
    I would like to have several waveform collections to use and organize.

    The load has a navigation to actually point to the differing folder giving the appearance you are able to load them, but it doesn't seem to produce the result.

    Also when a folder is selected, or waveform is selected. The WSel probably should be displaying the contents of the currently loaded folder.

    Having this would allow the ability to define a preset Wavetable collection that could be used within the current patch. (And some beta testing to modulate??? wink)

    Logically this should be the way that the wavetables are handled, and would greatly improve this section of the synthbox.


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    The firmware does give you the ability to load a single wavetable file from wherever you like and it will update the the WSel parameter. I believe you are asking to be able to select a bank of wavetables through a folder and then use the WSel control to scan through them. Is that right? If so, we will keep it in our wish list.

    Thank you


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      Hi Aaron,
      yes, I will have to revisit. I thought it did load the individual wave table in the past possibly, but I was having difficulty this time. In regards to the accepted size/format of the wave, how does it respond if not the recommended? Makes me wonder now about the collection I am using. I’ll try to get details.

      Yes, would love the mod Wsel idea as before. Having the ability to select a subset/preset folder which contains multiple files and having those selected and reflected by the change of the Wsel parameter...yep I think is very logical and cool.


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        Hi Aaron,

        I also posted in the sample size post, it looks like John had similar response where the wave would load...but not load.
        I asked a few questions like, can there be a response if incorrect/incompatible then not load, or if there was detection could there not be a method to correct for compatibility (not necessarily modify the wave, but internal calculation? Obviously easier said than done, just a few thoughts.

        As far as the Folder Collection and WSel modulation, yes these I am very much looking forward to.