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quantization? Scales? microtonality?

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  • quantization? Scales? microtonality?

    It would be amazing if synthbox could do unconventional/microtonal quantization and scales! If there was a setting that corresponded to the library coded into the Ornament and Crime ( then via MIDI, the synthbox could be a Eurorack polysynth companion to whatever monosynths or CV sources one was quantizing via the o_C.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. Let me encourage you to check out our brand new Euroshield where you can potentially code this kind of thing yourself. Euroshield and Ornament and Crimes share the same Arduino platform: Teensy.


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      Euroshield seems cool, but it doesn't solve the issue of how to perform polyphonic quantization of Synthbox? I thought that polyphonic note messages to synthbox can only occur via MIDI. If so, synthbox would need a way to internally process incoming MIDI messages.


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        Synthbox supports polyphonic input via CV. However, it quantizes the CV pitch to a western scale, so microtonal would be off the table. You could still use euroshield to map CV (or MIDI) to any kind of western scale of your choosing.


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          Aaron, I'm being a pain. Sorry!

          If synthbox quantizes incoming CV pitch to a western scale, how would euroshield be able to process CV or MIDI data before sending to synthbox if synthbox is just going to re-quantize it?

          Just putting it out there as I did in the OP: enhanced note input quantization features would kick butt (for bitbox and toolbox too!)


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            Synthbox quantizes to a chromatic scale. So, you could use Euroshield to quantize to all the various scales that are a subset of chromatic, like minor blues, pentatonic, etc.