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  • Midi and CV / Simultaneously?

    Hi, congratulations on a great product, bought the sampler and these alternate firmwares are looking excellent.

    So day one with the Synthbox beta , and I can see this is going to be a great sounding and unique tool , I'll let you get on with developing it - but, one early request...

    I love the idea if this module could (to my knowledge) have a unique feature, it would be great if we could be able to use certain midi parameters at the same time as certain cv or gate parameters. My first thought was this would be really cool if the module could read the note number information for a chord from midi but use the trigger or gate inputs to sound the notes and length rather than the midi note on off. This would open some very creative possibilities in the eurorack environment. Similarly, transpose a midi chord using a cv multiplier/transpose input.

    A lot of people would want poly via CV but for me this midi mix and match could be a really cool feature.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for taking the time to write. Combing the control of MIDI with CV is a cool idea.

    We have been enjoying the CV features as we put them together and look forward to sharing them. Combining the two control modes is proving more complicated than expected. For example, using CV for transposition implies that the center note is 0V. (Think about what happens if nothing is connected.) This assumption doesn't work well for CV only devices where the center is higher. If you have any ideas here--or have seen this done successfully elsewhere, I would love to hear more.

    Thank you,



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      Hi, I’m not that technical but in terms of a performance transpose (semitones) mode could you achieve a couple of octaves each way by having 0v to just below 1v , no transpose , then 1v equalling -2 octaves and all semi’s in-between) 3v being no transpose and 4v being up an octave, 5v up two etc. You could have a basic quantiser on the input and an offset pre that quant so you could roughly get nearer the accurate not transpose as you see it on the keys.

      With the midi input if you had a “hold mode” where note offs and note ons don’t control the synth sound gate as you’d expect , but the note off clears the “memory buffer” and next note on replaces all note with the newly pressed keys. that might note work if you want to keep say the low bass note the same as you change the top chord but it’s a start!.

      Then the gate or trigger can control whatever chord is played independently.
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        Hmm interesting, I haven't had time to get to the point to look at this idea.

        I've approached this type of concept using Usine Hollyhock patching/scripting.
        I was creating a dynamic array that captured the incoming MIDI Notes into the readable buffer...when it sounded OFF via MIDI the buffer slot emptied allowing room for more note input.
        I could then assign external controls to alter the specific lengths or other utilities of notes if they were detected in the buffer.
        This allowed a 'Mixed' mode of MIDI and parallel-external control.

        Say if a C-4 showed up in the buffer, I was scanning to see if there were any assigned matches...If the note was still populated and I specified by an external trigger/timer with a length I would force the note OFF. It created an additional note OFF when I passed through both states (source MIDI and scripted control) but was not invasive for what I was doing.

        Or in another case I blocked the assigned alterations from passing through, and let non-assigned through.

        Pseudo for an override mode:

        IF Note Buffered and matches assignment then
        do not pass Note OFF or data from MIDI Source through
        only respond using External, CV, or scripted alterations associated to Note
        respond as normal MIDI and pass data

        I used this kind of logic for doing things like transposing or altering individual notes for quantization, changing length manually/programmatically of specific notes, note velocity...etc...

        Kind of how Rich is stating ( I believe...but my brain isn't up to par this morning...haha)
        So you could put some different modes of how the MIDI/CV control is implemented.



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          Let me encourage you to check out version 0.9.21. You can run MIDI and CV at the same time. One thing to try is use your MIDI keyboard for pitch and then run either global or per voice GATEs. As long as the gates are running faster than you pressing notes, it works reasonably well. The gates can be used to create cool repeat or arpeggiation effects.

          Short of having a mode where the module listens to the MIDI pitch and ignores the note start commands, I don't see a viable way to merge them cleanly. Of course, you could always use an external MIDI interface that splits the pitch from the gate and do everything in synthbox via CV.

          Thanks for the discussion.