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Inputs through mod/fx chain

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  • Inputs through mod/fx chain

    Since this has the series one inputs, it would be wonderful to be able to run an external source through its internal fx path. I’m not sure if the virtual patch point could be parallel to the wave tables and oscillator to allow a single envelope,vca and fx chain. That would let one patch in additional external oscillators/noise etc to create ridiculous things. Even if an external source only picked up at the fx though it would be useful as you could use the outs as a semi master out in a patch after global processing.

    From what I can tell the ins are just sitting there sad that I don’t currently have the bitbox or fxbox firmware loaded up, and while I do try to load those up for them often, we should make those inputs feel wanted on all firmware!

    Thank you for this amazing module!

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    Lol! Thanks for pointing out how neglected those inputs feel when synthbox is loaded. We will keep your idea in mind.


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      those audio inputs could also serve as modulation inputs (@ audiorate = FM)


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        +1 for ins as either audio to fx chain and/or audio-rate FM!