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Question about slices of clips

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  • Question about slices of clips

    I am just getting to know my mk2 BitBox and I have a question regarding saving slices from a larger WAV file to a separate pad. Can this be done? For example, if I record (directly from my modular) a longer clip, can I slice out multiple samples and then save each one to its own pad on the home screen so I can trigger each sliced sample independently from my sequencer? I can copy and paste slices to new pads, but they all seemed to be linked back to the master file somehow. I hope I'm using the right words to get my point across.

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    Currently, that feature is not available. If you only load a wav file to a pad, that pad is 'pointing' to the original wav file. However, you can trim wav files in the box and also duplicate them. Another option is to utilize the Resample feature and record those slices to a new pad/wav.


    • Trinkit
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      I would kill for a slice to pad or slice to sample feature. It would really put the Bit Box on the level of MPC style samplers. Please Please Please!

    • Steve
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      Add this to the Mk2 wish list thread. The wish list threads are always the first place we look when deciding on the next steps.

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    Ah, I like the resample idea. Thank you.