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Overlapping sample releases in Poly mode?

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  • Overlapping sample releases in Poly mode?


    Just got the MK2 last night as a new addition to my modest eurorack setup.

    I understand that the Poly mode allows for up to four notes to sound at once when in Sample mode. I guess the main functionality of that is to be able to play chords via a midi keyboard.

    However, what I am aiming for is e.g. triggering dirrent pitches of the same sample one after the other- for example by arpeggiating a chord - and for each new sound not to kill the previous one when samples have longer releases times.

    So far it does not seem to work that way even if I have Poly on and decay and release set to higher values...

    Would appreciate if you could tell me if this is how it is supposed to work or if I am missing something...

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    Can you tell me a bit more about your setup and how you are triggering the pad/wav in question?


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      I am triggering it from within my eurorack, e.g. with the burst output of the Wogglebug. And modulating pitch with CV out of Scales.

      I have since figured out it must be bescause I am using 1V/Octave, which works by kind of detuning the whole sample rather than by playing a note...

      Would that be right?

      On the other hand, I have played with sliced samples and in that mode the previous slice still plays while the next one is triggered, as long as the release time is long enough...


      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        Basically, yes. But the amount of pitch-bend is determined by the number of loaded samples. A keyboard can be replicated with 3-4 samples per octave, more or less. Not always the case.

        That behavior sounds correct for the slicer and extended release times.

      • magicuddin
        magicuddin commented
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        Ok, I've finally gotten round to experimenting with multisample pads. The behaviour observe is the same as described previously. I conclude that if I use 1v/8va pitch control from my modular then pads are the dafcto monophonic. I would have to use midi to obtain the effect of a piano with depressed legato pedal...

      • Steve
        Steve commented
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        that is correct.