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still at a loss with multisampling

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  • still at a loss with multisampling

    I recorded a two octave multisample recording every three notes for 9 total samples from C2 to C4. I named it "Jam Braids"
    The bitbox writes 9 files called "Jam Braids-036" to "Jam Braids-060"
    They are loaded into the cell, but the mapping is completely screwed up. It looks like the sample mapping has been compressed to run from C2 to G#2, and then above G#2 it automatically uses the C2 sample (transposed).
    Huh? Shouldn't the bitbox be using sane default root notes based on the starting/ending parameters that I gave it? Do I seriously have to take these samples out of the bitbox ecosystem, tag them in some kludgy wave editor, and pop the SD drive back into the bitbox to get this to work correctly? Why is there not some kind of piano roll to graphically create smart mappings inside the bitbox (isn't this the kind of UI decision touch screens were made for?) Even my "worse interface ever" NI Maschine can do this quickly.

    Or is the bitbox forcing me to create 12 note/octave multisamples for everything I do?

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    What version are you using? There is a problem right now with multisampling on version 1.0.14 that we will address shortly. In the meantime, please use version 1.0.9 for this feature.


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      thanks Aaron. Good to know. I'm using 1.0.14.