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  • NERDSEQ, MIDI and Slices

    Hi All,

    I’m trying to sequence some breaks using my NERDSEQ and newly acquired Bitbox. It’s been a blast so far! I’m trying to see if there’s any way to map different wave files, each to be sliced, along the keyboard such that I can trigger them on the same MIDI channel? With the NERDSEQ, at present it allows four note polyphony on a MIDI track but it has to be the same MIDI channel. So unless I can map multiple samples as I hope, I have to devote one of the eight tracks to each sample I would like to sequence slices (I have another MIDI channel that triggering all my one shots just fine). I could try to explore an approach with CV, which would probably work, but I would prefer to go the MIDI route if possible.



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    Well each pad can be set to receive whatever midi channel, so you can have multiple Slicer pads playing from one channel. The slices are distributed from C2 on up for however many slice points you create.

    My thought is if you had samples with a bit of space at the beginning, you could set a number of very small blank slices up at the beginning of one of the pad's samples, such that your first "real" slice wouldn't play you played C3 or whatever note you get to with the filler slices. If you then had another pad with a sample sliced normally, playing the first octave could trigger those slices, while anything above would trigger the other pads slices. The other pad would be triggered and play the blank slice. "Slicer" pads only have 2 note polyphony though so this could be problematic with longer samples.
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      You can also experiment with resampling multiple samples into a single sample chain on one pad and slice that up. Perhaps simpler, but you still have the 2 note polyphony limit.


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        Thanks! Creative solution. Good to know that there’s no simpler way to assign slices other than starting with C2 (I wasn’t sure if I was missing something there). I just received an early beta firmware for the NERDSEQ that will now allow individual MIDI tracks to access multiple MIDI channels (up to four). So, I can now (with new firmware) have multiple Bitbox pads (each listening on different MIDI channels) accessed from a single NERDSEQ track, which is what I wanted to do. To be able to dance between a few different breaks without tapping out the six tracks of eight on the NERDSEQ that can be used for modular or MIDI (there are two sample or digital VCO tracks). If that makes some sense!


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          Same Nerdseq user here..I have one problem though...Pad in Bitbox fires on every note I play even If I choose to respond on one note (pad) what am I missing


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            I'm not sure what you mean by "choose to respond on one note." exactly. The midi note value assigned to each pad only works to trigger when you are on the global "Midi Pad" channel.
            Take a look at the Global midi settings, both "Midi Keys" and "Midi Pads". My guess is maybe you have the pad selected and your controller is sending midi on the "Midi Keys" channel.
            Alternatively, the pad may have its individual midi channel set to omni, or some other channel which is causing it to be triggered unintentionally.


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              Latest NerdSEQ firmware from XOR now allows separate MIDI channels for each of the 4 "lanes" or columns of a MIDI track.


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                Yes, since it was introduced in the Beta, it's been working great for me to sequence up to four breaks (or other samples) from any NERDSEQ MIDI track. Cool that one can use NERDSEQ track 7 and 8 for MIDI now as well. It's a great pairing for my purposes, between the NERDSEQ and BITBOX...