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Greeting all, I just bought a BitBox MK2

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  • Greeting all, I just bought a BitBox MK2

    Greeting all,

    First and foremost thank you to the wonderful team at 1010Music for making this Eurorack module and working on firmware updates.

    I just bought a BitBox MK2 and it should be arriving next week. I'm here to read tips and updates and see what other users are doing with theirs as I'm waiting.

    My intent and that might change is to use this as a set of digital drums voices, maybe a few classic kits and a some special dance kits and sounds FX's and Vocal tracks.

    I love the idea of this module and I have several stand alone samplers, so this in Eurorack form is a must have for me and looks amazing and feature rich. The interface looks great and the large touchscreen a perfect match.

    The idea that different 1010Music firmware can be loaded and change the Modules functions is another big win, this is great and please 1010Music, never stop doing this.

    I am looking forward to my new sampler module and already started planning my rack layout based on my new BitBox MK2 module.

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    Hello and welcome. I too planned my rack around sampling with the BitBox. I have no other voices in this setup, but I'm still getting used to things and trying to setup songs and whatnot. I don't have much to show for it yet... It's a new workflow for me. Anyways, I'm interested to see how you put it too use.

    How are you going to be sequencing the sounds on the BitBox?


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      My BitBox Just arrived today, so this weekend I should be able to mess around with it. I am planning on using this as my rack sampler / drum voices. I have drums covered with a few other modules, but really like the features of the BitBox.

      I have a Erica Black sequencer and a Five12 Vector sequencer, that is what I will use, I might grab a launch for the Bitbit ...