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Working slices in Random Mode

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  • Working slices in Random Mode

    Hello, I am only a few months in on my modular travels through the universe with my Bitbox MK2. So far so good. I have been noodling around with the Random Mode option when playing back slices. Chopped up some of the keys and horns samples that were included with the Bitbox and let random go to work. Some very interesting results. Reminds me of some old Todd Edwards 90's House the way the samples played with one another.
    My question: Is it possible to capture a section of a Random part, loop it and create a new sample from that part? I hope this makes sense? Would I have to use an external controller like a Keystep Pro to tell the Bitbox to repeat a section? I would have to map this out some how.
    I think I'm on to something fun but not quite sure. I hope I was able to explain what I'm thinking in my head that the Bitbox can spit out. So much more to explore, we have yet to scratch the surface.
    The Journey continues...

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    You could connect the outputs to the inputs and sample the results on bitbox. Being able to hear it while sampling, would take some more patching.