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Bitbox Mk2 shows white screen

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  • Bitbox Mk2 shows white screen

    Hi, I just received my Bitbox Mk2 yesterday, installed it in a 4ms Pod and everything worked properly. After copying some own samples/clips onto the SD card and putting it back into the SD slot the unit just shows a plain white screen after powering it up again. The problem stays the same after removing the samples in question from the card. Guess I need some advice to get the unit working again ... thanks in advance!
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    Sorry to hear this. Please start by trying test mode: Hold the Home button while powering up.

    Do you get the series of gray screens with text on them?

    Have you tried upgrading the the latest firmware?

    Please let us know.


    • Frank Incense
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      Hi Aaron, thanks for replying. I did what you recommended, now there's a test cycle running (I guess that's what you mean with grey screens with text ...). I'll keep you updated.
      Regards, Frank
      ... update #1: having a working screen again I was now able to update to the latest firmware. Bitbox is working fine now. Next step: Trying to load own samples again ...
      ... update #2: everything works fine now. Own samples are playing. Bitbox seems to be a tremendous device! Thanks a lot for helping me that fast! Cheers, Frank
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