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Bitbox mk2 no external trigger for recording

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  • Bitbox mk2 no external trigger for recording

    I just got the Bitbox mk2 yesterday and the first issue I noticed was the same problem I was having with the latest bitbox mk1 firmware. The CV inputs on the device all work great, but it doesn't seem to allow them to be used to punch in a recording. I did figure out that you can set a count for it to punch in on, but to start that process and record you still have to press the record button on the screen. Is this going to be addressed in the next update? I have always used an external clock signal to punch in for recording because it was hands off and would begin the count as soon as I would open a cell, so having to add the extra step of pressing record on the screen is pretty minor but still hinders any performance when I'm doing live looping on the fly. If this could be addressed soon that would be amazing!

    One last note, the UI for switching between screens is noticeably less intuitive than Firmware V2 for the first bitbox. Maybe I'll just have to get used to it over time, but my first reaction was that getting back to the pads from different screens isn't as simple as it used to be. Anyways I love the new Bitbox and am looking forward to playing with it more!

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    Please upgrade your firmware. This issue has already been addressed. The EXT cells will allow you to choose Record as a gate function.

    Thanks for the note about the navigation. Having more features means having more places to go. Please let us know if you don't get used to the new approach.