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Bitbox Mk2 Recording Volume too low

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  • Bitbox Mk2 Recording Volume too low

    I've been tinkering around with my synth using Bitbox and trying to get some samples onto it. I've been doing this by patching the VCA output of my synth into the input jacks of the Bitbox. The resulting sound is much quieter when playing it back via the recording than when running the sound directly through my system.

    I've ​​​​​​tested the sound from the same plug going into my mixer, and the volume is normal. Once it reaches the input on the Bitbox, it drops significantly, and makes the recordings unusable.

    Is this just user error, or am I dealing with a defective module?

    EDIT: Oh god I'm so embarrassed it was the master volume setting that somehow got changed, I must have twisted the wrong knob and not realized. Feel free to delete this or leave it up to let me look silly.
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