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Bitbox Mk2 multi-sample questions

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  • Bitbox Mk2 multi-sample questions

    Hello, I am very interested in a Bitbox Mk2 for use with multi-samples, and have a few questions.

    1 – Can I configure the sample pads with different playback modes. Eg, pad 1 is a single sample, pad 2 a multi-sample, pad 3 a sliced loop? The 3.0 manual suggests this is the case, just making sure. If so, I guess the only bottleneck is polyphony and RAM?

    2 – Is there a way to expand Bitbox Mk2 with midi out, and/or can CV/gate somehow be used to multi-sample velocity and round-robins?

    3 – How to prepare a folder of wavs for Bitbox to recognise it as a multi-sample kit? The 3.0 manual only speaks of adding multiple files into a folder, but how to make sure it recognises and maps different velocities and round robins per note? Is there a naming convention to use when preparing samples for this?

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    Id also like to know about preparing WAV files for multi-sampling. Im getting better results exporting from logic and renaming with the midi note number. eg. Piano-024.
    The notes are mapped incorrectly though when putting the sd back in and running the files.