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Bitbox Mk2 multi-sample questions

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  • Bitbox Mk2 multi-sample questions

    Hello, I am very interested in a Bitbox Mk2 for use with multi-samples, and have a few questions.

    1 – Can I configure the sample pads with different playback modes. Eg, pad 1 is a single sample, pad 2 a multi-sample, pad 3 a sliced loop? The 3.0 manual suggests this is the case, just making sure. If so, I guess the only bottleneck is polyphony and RAM?

    2 – Is there a way to expand Bitbox Mk2 with midi out, and/or can CV/gate somehow be used to multi-sample velocity and round-robins?

    3 – How to prepare a folder of wavs for Bitbox to recognise it as a multi-sample kit? The 3.0 manual only speaks of adding multiple files into a folder, but how to make sure it recognises and maps different velocities and round robins per note? Is there a naming convention to use when preparing samples for this?

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    Id also like to know about preparing WAV files for multi-sampling. Im getting better results exporting from logic and renaming with the midi note number. eg. Piano-024.
    The notes are mapped incorrectly though when putting the sd back in and running the files.


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      Can I auto sample a multisample on BitBox 2.0 like you can with a Bitbox Micro? >> As described on page 43 of the Bitbox Micro Manual - Auto-Sample a Multi-sample Pack


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        1. Yes each pad can be set to a different mode.

        2. Currently there is no way to expand to midi out, nor do I think a firmware upgrade could change this. I say that because I believe the output jacks are 1/8" ts mono, not trs stereo, which is required for an 1/8" midi connection. The midi input jack must be a stereo jack though, so it's possible that others are as well. Auto-sampling is limited to cv gate length and pitch, so no velocity.

        3. Regarding Velocity, the BitBox Micro (and I assume the MK2 as well) appends the midi note number and velocity onto the end of the file name when auto-sampling, such as "filename-036-050" "filename-036-100". That would be note 36 with velocities 50 and 100. The note and velocity number are for user reference only (I believe), which the BitBox is really reading from the "WAV inst" tag (see below) Velocity range cannot be set manually on the BitBox, but "Root" can. Also there is no round robin feature currently.

        I've yet to try in setup velocity multi samples though, and have gotten along with just the using keyboard velocity to control the one sample per note. It is clearly possible via auto-sampling on the BitBox Micro, though setting this up manually is not well documented. The MK2 manual has no details about velocity layers, I assume it functions the sample as the Micro with reading the file tags though. It is possible that the velocity info is read from the filename, which would make this process easier, though it is unlikely.

        From an old Beatbox MK1 post...
        "We use this tag for root note information when loading multisamples

        WAV inst tag

        We just started reading and writing this tag on multisample recording introduced in the past few weeks. It includes key range and velocity range.

        WAV acid tag

        This tag contains the beat count used in clips

        WAV cue points

        This tag represents markers in the file, which we interpret as slice points.


        • Steve
          Steve commented
          Editing a comment
          Aaron recently posted all of the WAV tags we use. Your entire explanation is correct except that filenames are for reference only. We do not use them to load/parse multisample sets.

          the MK2 does not multisample velocity. I will pass along the needed additions/edits to the Mk2 manual. thanks for posting this.

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        I think the best way is to have both bitbox micro and bitbox mk2 where i take everything from vst with multisampling from micro and when im on eurorack i place the sd card to mk2 when i dont work with pc, i dont know its just me om not so technical to code stuff i just want stuff to work.

        one question is there a vst or program that can talk to an sd card or direkt to bitbox mk2 inputs that scan an instrument like a synth sound on retrologue 2 and make it on one pad multisampling direkt and so all information i there so i can use all knobs on keystep pro direkt. One big ”red” button hehe.

        i know i have noob questions but i try to learning my gear reading manuals over and over agen and trial and error, my biggest problem now is my keystep pro to work flawless with cubase 11 eurorack and bitbox start to understand some hehe