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Bugs when using external cells to trigger recording

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  • Bugs when using external cells to trigger recording

    After using this module with the firmware 1.0.9 there are two bugs I have come across that both deal with the external triggers being used for recording. Neither of them are big problems, just minor inconveniences really, so I think they would be relatively simple fixes. There's also one additional issue I'm having that may or may not be a bug, it might just be how this was programmed intentionally.To give some context on how mine is setup, I have the recording parameters set to Global, recording threshold off and autoplay recording is enabled.
    The first bug is that the external trigger cell configuration, when set to record, is not being saved and/or recalled upon cycling power. I have this saved in the preset that I use that is automatically loaded upon powering up, so when I click INFO on the ext. trigger cell in question, it shows that it is set to record. However when I power up the module and select a blank cell to record, the ext. trigger input does not trigger the recording to start. My way around this is to simply toggle the configuration of that ext. cell to none and then back to record. After I do that, it works properly. To me it seems that my configuration of the ext. trigger cell is saved since it will show that record is selected when I power up the module, but this state is not being hard saved into the directory that is called upon when powering on.

    The second bug is when recording and using an ext. cell to trigger the recording to start. When a blank cell is selected and the recording time is set, for instance to 4 bars, and the recording is set to quantize to the next beat or half note or whatever, the recording will begin but can't be stopped prematurely when pressing stop on the recording screen. Most of the time the recording will continue through until the set record time is complete and just completely ignore me pressing stop. I should note that this does not happen if I manually trigger the recording start on screen, and for all I know it may have to do with the frequency of my recording trigger which is set to once every 4 bars. Sometimes when I press stop before the record time is complete, the timer will freeze and then exceed the set recording time. When this happens it will either close the recording screen after a while and show the pads screen, or I'll have to press home and use the main menu to go back to the pads menu. When this happens, I just select that cell and delete the recording and everything is fine. If I had to guess, I would think there's a conflict regarding the priority of these commands for the starting and stopping of a recording when using an external trigger and having a set recording time.

    The last thing that might not be a bug is regarding how autoplay functions when recording into a cell. In normal operations, I'll begin recording into a blank cell and when the set time has elapsed, the recording screen will close and open the pads screen and the recording will automatically begin playing. If I open a cell that is currently playing and then without stopping playback of the cell, I select new recording and begin to record again, when the new recording finishes it will not automatically begin playing and instead be stopped. This might just be specific to the cell though, since I know that the cell parameters are saved even when loading new samples into them and I haven't really tested this one as much.

    I hope I gave enough information to help you guys recreate these issues and address them if necessary, I program control panels and find bugs like these for a living so I always make sure to be very thorough when tackling these issues!

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    I will look into this. Thanks for the detailed report. It seems like a lot of info but there's never enough when hunting bugs!


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      No problem Steve, I'm happy to contribute!