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Pre-establish presets in my computer

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  • Pre-establish presets in my computer

    Continuing with my list of "can I?"s, Can I create and manage presets on my computer? In other words, is it possible to upload several .wav files (up to 16) onto the SD card, but at the same time, assign them to pads of a new preset so they will immediately be listed as an available preset in the module upon powering up? I know it's a big ask, just wondering. This is more of a computer question than module question.

    As always, thank you for you time, folks.

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    If you have a love for XML editing you can do this. Open a preset.xml file on your computer and examine the structure. As long as the info is correct and your path to WAV files is correct, it will work.

    This is not a very attractive method, to be sure. However, I have talked with one of our forum users who SWEARS by this method. He says he can build them quickly offline and transfer.