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Factory Presets Not Appearing.

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  • Factory Presets Not Appearing.

    Hi, ive recently formatted my sd card and reinstalled the new firmware 1.09, I formatted it to try the synth box out, but now re formatted it back to the sampler firmware with the factory included sounds, loops and presets etc.
    However, none of the presets appear, ive checked they are all in the preset folder with the xml file etc, ive even used other sd cards, all formatted fat 32. All the same, when I go into the preset menu, no presets appear, although I can access all the other sounds and loops and add them to pads.
    When I load the sd card on my computer, there the presets are, ive even dragged them from the sd card to Ableton and they load up in Ableton as wav files just fine, but on the bitbox mk2 absolutely nothing. Ive been at it for a few hours now and im at a loss. Any Ideas.
    Many thanks.

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    Figured out the problem, and it was very simple, as it always is haha. Had to move the factory sounds out of their folder (in the download they are all inside the same folder) and place them in the top level (root folder) same as the presets folder on the sd card.