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Mapping beatstep pro pad with bitbox

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  • echobravo
    I'm not really sure what you're trying to do, but it is possible to assign individual midi channel and midi note value for every pad on the drum sequencer in MCC. Under "Device settings", at the bottom.

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  • Funkygragas
    started a topic Mapping beatstep pro pad with bitbox

    Mapping beatstep pro pad with bitbox

    Hello everyone,

    I managed to map the pads the way i wanted but it only works in control mode.

    when i press drum sequencer it plays a the pich through all pads.

    i noticed in midi console in MCC the midi notes are correct in control mode but not in drum sequence.

    Any idea what i did wrong, i'm new to this.

    Midi channel set to 10, i even factory resetted the beatstep and change firmware to latest version on both devices.
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