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Bitbox mk2 acts like its overloaded

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  • Bitbox mk2 acts like its overloaded

    after 5 hours of intensive use of the original samples kit, the bitbox starts lagging and behaving as if it is overloaded. have firmware 1.1.6

    working with mono stereo granular and all effects onely with 8 pads

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    what is the bit depth and sample rate of your files? Are you saying you experience issues when playing 8 granular pads with FX?


    • Dongel
      Dongel commented
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      Think it what a chillout pack on original sd, hade full effekts on all pads and one pad granular.

    • Steve
      Steve commented
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      I will need more info to help you. How many pads were play9ing? How many FX? Firmware version (as a number)?