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Sync setup for keystep pro bitbox mk2 integration.

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  • Sync setup for keystep pro bitbox mk2 integration.


    Bitbox mk2 say 4 ppnq but how do i setup keystep pro to midi in bitbox?

    sync in 24 ppn ?
    sync out 1pp4q?

    and the best settings for the whole Utility menu on keystep pro for flawless integration with bitbox, and best settings for bitbox mk2 to.

    and do i need cable to sync out from keystep pro to sync in to bitbox and is it TR or TRX?

    and is the somthing i am missing on bitbox ”have read the manual”

    Have the latest firmware on both.

    and noob on both instrument

    and how do i make everything sync together cubase 11 keystep pro and bitbox mk2 when i am recording in to cubase cable drawing and setup, i think cubase can only be master and not slave?

    alot of question, but my hair going to gray and im asking for help so i dont have so sitt 1 week more.

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    If you are using MIDI to sync, just plug from KSP to Mk2. Clock is one-way and needs the correct settings on both ends. I have both devices and they work well together. Let me know if you have more questions about this combination.


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      What settings do you have on KSP ? And MK2?


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        MIDI: my settings are default. I pug a 5pin to TRS MIDI cable from the KSP to the Mk2. I keep the 4 sequences channelized to 1-4 for simplicity.

        Clock is a different story and I don't typically use it between these 2 devices. PPQ in our devices is only relevant when syncing via an analog clock.

        Set TOOLS > MIDI Keys to (for example) Ch1. Use a knob to select the mk2 pad you want to play. Play from Track 1 on the KSP. This will play (in my case) a Mini multisample pad.

        Set TOOLS > MIDI Keys to None. Instead of global MIDI, set pad level MIDI to playback multiple Pads, simultaneously. If you load 4 pads (mk2) with different samples on different channels, you can sequence each independently.

        If you can tell me what you are trying to accomplish I can recommend more specific settings for both devices. We are also working on a comprehensive video that covers MIDI on all of our devices. Stay Tuned!