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Mapping midi program changes

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  • Mapping midi program changes

    Hello all. Like the title suggests, I'm trying to figure out how to map program changes to a specific midi note or cc. I read in the manually that it automatically maps them in alphabetical order, but to what exactly? I was controlling bb from my mpc, launching clips with the pads. After I saved the project as a preset, all of the pads on mpc triggered the program change and reloaded the preset. I'd like to have a single note or octave range load a specific preset so I can run through multiple presets easily during a live set. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    MIDI CC and Notes do not trigger program change. You will need to send an actual MIDI PGM change with a number. The mk2 maps the incoming MIDI PGM to the presets, as they exist alphabetically on your current card. So the very first preset will be loaded when the mk2 receives MDI PGM 1, etc.


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      That makes sense, I saw program ch on the mpc but I was confusing it with the midi channel. I think I should be able to set this up how I need now. Thank you sir.


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        MIDI PGM change messages are received on the Global channels, FYI.