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Live Looper bugs need to be fixed.

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  • Live Looper bugs need to be fixed.

    I upgraded to mk2 also because I thought these bugs would have been fixed, but I was wrong.
    Bitbox sampler works as a great drum machine, but in the modular realm "potentially" there is no better looper.
    I said potentially because since mk1, the looping side has been very buggy.
    I experience the same problems on both my mk2 units, 1.2.5 firmware, fastest sd cards:

    live rec and play, in threshold mode (bug since mk1):
    the loop you record, especially if set to 1 bar lenght or more, doesn't play right away after recording. It feels it needs time to process the recording, therefore:
    - sometimes the recorded sound waits one bar before it starts looping ( there is silence for 1 bar and then it loops);
    - sometimes the recorded sound waits a fraction of second (so it will start playing right away but off beat).
    Due to this bugs, threshold mode is unfortunately useless in a live situation.
    (I also sync the cell to 1/16 before recording, so the loop should play on the beat.)

    Here an example of bitbox mk1 right before i upgraded to mk2, used as a modular looping machine, during a modular techno performance, "Rec quant" set to 1 bar.

    As a looping machine, the module becomes one of the most fun things you can use in eurorack, and unfortunately, since bitbox mk1 came out, no firmware updates regarding the looping side of the module were ever made. If these bugs are going to be fixed, considering also the latest updates on the sampling side, this is probably in the top 5 of the best eurorack modules ever made.
    Have a nice we!
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    We are not finished porting blackbox 2.0 features and fixing bugs. Thanks for your patience.