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Gate triggers not working

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    Gate triggers not working


    I recently purchased a bitbox MK2 and after a quick firmware update installed it in my system.

    I have spent hours and hours reading the manual and trying different methods, I can load samples just fine and I can trigger them manually using the touch screen but I cannot get a sound using the gate grid, I have tried eurorack sequencer, hardware sequencer and nothing…

    I must be missing something very basic but I have read the manual and I can’t figure it, could anyone from 1010 help me troubleshoot this? Could it be a hardware issue?

    Please I’m going crazy

    Thanks in advance

    I had the same problem. In my experience none of the triggers or cv ins would work on the latest MK2 2.1.0 version. I verified by installing the previous version firmware to verify they did work in that version. When I messaged them they said to try an empty micro sd card or backing up your current card and perform a fresh format using SD Card Formatter, then trying the latest again. It didn't change anything on the first attempt, but on the second attempt it did and all triggers/cv's work as expected. good luck