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Inputs extremely loud, and distorted

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  • Inputs extremely loud, and distorted

    Unfortunately I was trying to update the firmware and i randomly went into a calibration mode, and after that, the inputs are loud and distorted, impossible to use.
    I totally don't know what to do now, even because in the manual I can't find anything about calibration.
    I need help. Thank you

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    the first page on the calibration mode is: pot inputs test. after both channels were extremely loud, I put the gain to -96 and both channels were -24db. I went into the calibration mode again and turned one of the pots, now left channel is still -24db, right channel is -18db. ( if i put the gain up to 0 but even less, it will go completely distorted to +24db) unfortunately there are a lot of numbers and letters that i don't understand, so I need help to recalibrate the inputs. I have a gig in 20 days and I would love to use the inputs for livesampling. Thank you for your patience.


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      First, when updating firmware on the Mk2 you only need to hold INFO. Sorry to hear this happened. Please use the contact form on our website to get in touch, directly. We can help you solve this.


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        I know, and by mistake I pushed the home button. I will use the contact form. Thank you for the prompt reply.


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          I just had the same exact issue happen to me; I accidentally loaded the configuration menu by holding the "INFO" button too long during the firmware update. Something has happened and now the gain on the inputs are redlining even with nothing is plugged in. I am not even able to play back samples that are already on the module either. I would love to know how this was resolved so my Bitbox MK2 can be usable again.


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            Please use the contact form on our website to get in touch with support. We can help you.

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          Thanks. I sent a message via the contaact page.


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            Hello, I managed to solve the problem by calibrating the module again. I think it is a bug that occurs when you push the info button when, instead, you want to update the firmware! calibrate it and it will work again!