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  • Polyphony with CV

    Maybe this is in the works for a coming-soon firmware release, but I thought I'd mention it. Obviously there are limitations with what you can do with CV vs MIDI. Still, within the Bitbox framework it feels as though there is room to support polyphony of say up to 3 voices per sample with triggers and pitch mapped to CV inputs. I think this would be pretty sweet.

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    I also think it would be wonderful if there were some additional note/scale/masking quantization features for bitbox (and eventual synthbox mk2 firmware). Microtonal quantization and chords (CV controlled type???) would be so cool and powerful.


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      Thanks for the request. If you want 3 note polyphony with CV, I recommend loading the same sample onto 3 pads and setting it up 3 different times. I don't see how enhancing the firmware would provide a better solution that this approach given all the necessary connections.

      Gate+CV is not really suitable for polyphony. It requires the host allocate notes and utilize the different CV+Gate pairs. MIDI is a much better solution. As an added bonus, you get velocity too.


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        The Disting EX offers Chord generation and arpeggiator functionality for a single CV note input allowing for more complex musical pieces over CV/gate.