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EXT recording trigger to specific cell

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  • EXT recording trigger to specific cell

    This (of course) may be a feature already slated for an upcoming firmware, or possibly I've failed to figure out how this is already configurable.

    With 1.0.8, when I set say EXT1 to trigger recording, currently I must INFO into a specific cell's recording view before that trigger can be used. It seems like a natural fit would be to allow selecting a cell for each EXT input when I set it to trigger recording, or there's probably other ways to specify this instead.

    A use case might be to have a recording trigger fire every 4 bars to sample for 4 bars, to accomplish something like the Octatrack Crossfader Transition Trick with the Bitbox (I'm excited to eventually get a Catalyst Flow for use with my Bitbox, but for now I have a Sweet Sixteen next to it and could totally use that instead).