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  • Rec Delay + Sample to Clip

    Hello, I recently own an mk2 bitbox.

    1/ When I click on REC there is a delay before the start of recording and also at the end of recording. it's very disturbing. is this normal ?

    When I sample a sound and I set the beginning and the end everything is ok, but when I transform it into a Clip, Bitbox plays back the whole sample. can we record the sample once the start and end are assigned before transform it on Clip ?

    Sorry for my english, Best regards !

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    Sounds like a +1 to my post about including simple destructive editing !


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      1. Check the Rec Quant and Length settings on the recording screen. Rec Quant controls when the recording begins. Length controls when it ends. These settings are intentional so you can capture a specific length in order to loop/sync.

      2. Clips will play the entire file by design. You can Save As... to duplicate the file (if desired), then trim the sample (in Sample mode) using File > Trim. Change the mode to Clip. Keep in mind, this is destructive editing.


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        Ok thanks a lot Steve, i will try !